2024 Nevada State and Federal Labor Law Poster – NV

  • This poster consists of mandatory workplace regulations that satisfy both Federal and Nevada Labor Law Postings requirements.
  • Updates Plan for 1 Year  –  We monitor, combine and send out all of the updates immediately once they are issued. The Updates Coverage Plan provides a peace of mind for our customers, allowing them to have their Labor Law Posters worry-free without having to monitor for any updates
  • The poster size is 20×36. Perfect updated compliance labor law poster for breakrooms and cafeteria areas
  • Ships The Same or the next business day in a secure tube for the poster protection.
  • Labor Law Posters in Spanish are also available for purchase at Labor Law HR Signs website.
  • Double sided high quality lamination for the best durability – Lamination is the industry standard and goes a long way to prevent damage to the posters.
  • Each poster includes – We Pay The Fine Program – in case of the posters being out of date we cover the fines up to $25000
  • Updates are shipped automatically once the updated posting is released to the addresses on file to replace the old postings
  • We will notify you prior to your Updates Plan Expiration so you can make sure you are in compliance by posting the up to date regulations for your employees.
  • OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection  – Includes the most recent OSHA Employee Polygraph Protection Act  Family and Medical Leave Act – Includes the most recent OSHA Federal Minimum Wage  –  Includes the most recent Anti-Discrimination Notice
  • 2024 Nevada Labor Law Poster and 2024 Nevada Workplace Postings going to be available for purchase with the Updates Program once all of the updates are released from the State and Federal Agencies that we monitor.
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  • Includes the most latest and confirmed changes for the 2024 - Any updates to laws that might get confirmed after the time of the purchase until Jan 1 will be mailed out separately free of charge
  • 2 Posters
  • Remote Employee Option - Limited to One Download per Location. All of the laws are on a 8.5x11 size format for an easy handling and printing.
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Some Of Our Corporate Clients

State Posters Included:-

  • Domestic Violence Victims Bulletin
  • NV State Minimum Wage Poster –  2024 $10.25 / $11.25  Minimum Wage Included  
  • Pregnant Worker’s Fairness Act
  • Notice to Employer of Sickness or Injury
  • State of Nevada Daily Overtime Annual Bulletin  – UPDATED 7/22
  • Nursing Mother’s Accomodation Act
  • Notice of Limitations affecting the Application of Lie Detector Tests
  • State of Nevada Minimum Wage Bulletin
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Nevada Safety and Health Protection on the Jobs
  • B 312 Paid Leave
  • Rules to be Observed by Employers   7/22
  • Domestic Violence Victims Bulletin
  • Notice to employees regarding tips

Federal Labor Law Included :

  • Know Your Rights: Discrimination is Illegal  –  10/20/22  – Update Included
  • Includes 4/23 FMLA/FLSA Updates
  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  • OSHA – Job Safety & Health Protection
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • IRS Withholding Notice
  • Anti-Discrimination Notice

Poster Satisfies Mandatory Labor Law Posting Requirements For All Businesses In The State Of Nevada.

Professionally Laminated 20 Inch By 39 Inch Poster With All Mandatory State, Federal & OSHA Notices In One Place. Combines Required Posters In Nevada, Federal & OSHA Posters Into One Easy To Read Poster. This Poster Is Fully Compliant For All Businesses And Includes All 2024 Mandatory Labor Law Updates. Comes Laminated And Ready To Hang On Any Surface.

The state of Nevada and the federal government constantly labor laws to protect employees. Once updated, employees are required to display notice. If you steel have last year’s labor law posters, you aren’t in compliance and could get fined. Ore Nevada state and federal labor low posters reflect the most recent changes, so you will be in full compliance.

Instead of displaying separate compliance signs, our labor law posters include all of the state, federal, and OSHA notices in a single sign. That includes the new minimum wage poster, daily overtime bulletin, and other changes. The laminated sign is 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall and is in an easy-to-read format.

You can order our labor law posters in English only or get bilingual posters in English and Spanish. Both options ship quickly, so you will get your poster in no time at all.

Because you want to say on top of required law posters, consider adding our one-year update service to your order. With this service, you will receive updated signs for a full year if the government makes changes. Remember, the state and the federal government can update labor laws throughout the year, so this is an excellent way to save money while ensuring you remain in full compliance.

Place your online order today or contact us with any questions. We look forward to helping your business by providing the most recent Nevada labor law posters.

Purchase our Updates Plan Program for your 2024 Nevada Labor Law Poster today to receive updates directly shipped to your locations.

  • Is this poster in compliance and does it have what I need? – Our Federal, State, And OSHA Labor Law Posters Are Specifically Designed To Meet All Business Needs And Compliance Requirements. All 2024 Required State, Federal, And OSHA Notices For Your Workplace Are Contained In One Convenient Poster.
  • Does the poster have 2024 updates included? – Includes 2024 Minimum Wage And New Sick Leave Notice, Worker’s Compensation, OSHA, Minimum Wage, And All Mandatory Postings.
  • What are the poster dimensions? – This Laminated Poster Is 20 Inches Wide By 39 Inches Tall. The Poster’s Fully Laminated Body Prevents Damage And Fading. Easy To Read Format And Clearly Printed Text Provides Clear And Easy To Understand Information To Your Employees.
  • Where do you usually put the poster? – The Poster’s Lamination And Convenient Size Makes It Great For Any Posting In Any Work Environment. The Poster Is Perfect For Offices, Co-Working Spaces, Job Site Trailers, Hospitals, Retail, Restaurants, Factories, And Storefronts.
  • How quick do you ship the posters? – Postes get shipped out the same or the next business day.
  • If I only have 1 employee do I need to post the labor law poster? Yes – only if you work with 100% family members or volunteers you do not have to post Labor Law Postings.
  • Do I need to post both Federal and State or State laws are enough? – A business needs to display and post both since a lot of regulations are not covered by the State laws alone.
  • How often do I need to change the posters? Frequency of changes varies per state. Some might have multiple changes per year and some might have none while anticipating many. The best way is to follow up with all of the state and federal departments that issue all of the regulations or purchase your State and Federal Labor Law Poster with Labor Law HR Signs.
  • Do you offer any guarantee in case my business get audited and your posters are out of date? – All of our State and Federal Labor Law Poster products come with “We Pay the Fine” guarantee up to $25000 that the posters are 100% up to date at the time of the purchase.
  • If I absolutely do not like the product can I return it? – We offer a 60 days return window.
  • Are the posters laminated? – Yes all of our Labor Law Posters are double sided laminated.
  • Does your Labor Law Poster products include the most recent Minimum Wage update for my state? – All of our postings that are on the products are up to date.